Monday, 10 May 2010


I drew 21 pictures of my freind DAN.
I just took the same image I drew and replicated it over and over again in different mediums.
Here are some.

This was probably my favourite little project, if i'd done this sooner in the project i'd probably have done more.
I'll revist this again.



What would aliens look like from a planet based on Circus performers?
They would have bodys that were formed around there performer.
Here are some:

Glit Trau.

Here they are. : >


Glitter and Trauma.

My freind sent me an email saying she wanted me to design two character Mascots for a shop that should Japanese inspired fashion.
So I looked into Harajuku fashions.

She wanted to characters to be called 'Glitter' and 'Trauma'.
So that helps with character design, I see polar opposites forming!
Im going with Trauma as Male and Glitter as female.

Glitter is inspired by FRUiTS fashion :

Bright colours!

Trauma will be more of a casual Harajuku Boy:

Dark colours.


More mixed media stuff. Love this stuff, so much fun. : )

Awesome things.

Mamashiba adverts from Japan I abosolutely love. They are plush toys based on all different types of beans.
The adverts have the beans telling unsuspecting people about weird facts.
Sweet and strange at the same time. : )

Another great thing I found was this animated all one one mass of paper, very interesting idea for 2D mixed media animation.

videogioco-loop experiment from MILKYEYES -donato sansone on Vimeo.

Alaska Outbreak

Alaskian outbreak?
Does that mean they all have Malamute and Bear heads?

I worked with making things like how normal alaskans would dress in an outbreak.. but then I decided it would be more interesting if it was an actual outbreak of alaskan things.. Baked alaska?